Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

August 1 - The multi-unit name will be displayed on the reservation’s table




We recently added the unit id, and now we will also find the unit’s name in the reservation table under the field “MultiUnit units name”. This field will also be displayed in the CSVs.

August 1 - Improvements to the calendar’s appearance




We have updated the styles of our multi, monthly and yearly calendars and re-arranged some items (buttons, filters, etc.) to gain more space and improve their responsiveness

August 1 - We’ll show the payment schedule at the booking engine’s checkout step




Most of our clients charge part of the reservation amount upon booking and another part later. Before, guests could not see this before booking which could cause them to think that they would be charged 100% of the reservation when booking. So now we will show when the payments will take place based on auto-invoices at the booking engine’s check-out stage

July 27 - Now it’s possible to set a destination URL for the Booking engine’s logo




It will help clients to integrate more seamlessly with their own website. This option can be found in Booking engine > Settings > Booking engine logo

July 27 - Guest number and email are now mandatory for Vrbo reservations




Reservations created in our system, imported via csv or edited will need to have a guest number and email. We made the fields mandatory for Vrbo reservations to be sure they are introduced. This is a requirement from Vrbo to accept new and modified reservations from Hostaway

July 27 - Formula renaming and deletion are now correctly managed




Formulas can be used inside other formulas, but if they get deleted or the name changes we could face some errors. Now we correctly manage these cases by substituting the old names with the new ones and by not allowing to delete formulas if they are being used elsewhere (so they need to be removed first from other calculation setups) Together with this and to ensure we keep consistency in the logic and calculations, we limited changing the name of formulas on listing level. This needs to happen always from account > Financials and coupons

You can now remove the dark overlay from the booking engine’s hero section




We used to automatically darken images in the booking engine’s homepage which highlights the search bar. You can now decide whether to do this or not in the booking engine's design settings.

July 18 - iCals enabled for financial reporting




Now that it is possible to manually assign values to any financial field for any reservations, iCals can finally have financial values filled. The filling of this needs to be done manually, we will not pre-fill any data based on listing or calendar configuration by now.

This data can be used in financial reporting and owner statements.

And formulas per channel are also compatible with iCals.

July 13 - small booking engine improvements




To make it easier for guests to see search results on a map, whenever the map is available in the search results it will be open by default.

Also, to better adjust the website’s design to your brand colors, category tag color options are no longer limited to a pre-set color list. You can change these under booking engine > listings > categories.

July 11 - We standardized numbers and we will -almost- always show 2 decimals




This makes reading through tables or lists of items easier and is the common and best practice. From now we will use 2 decimals as a norm.

The exceptions are cases where decimals are not commonly used like listings settings. In addition, the booking Engine and Wordpress plugin will only show the decimals at the check-out step, similar to what OTA’s do.

The CSV’s will download the same data as it is displayed on Hostaway, however it will depend on the spreadsheet program configuration to show more or fewer decimals.