July 30th - Amazon servers maintenance

Our Amazon servers are running some maintenance. For the next 2 hours, you may experience our Task feature to be slower than normal and/or not load.

Please note that the calendar sync is not impacted.

Edit: The maintenance has been completed and all is back to normal.

July 22nd - Enhanced filters in Reservations module.

We have released an enhanced version of the "More filters" functionality to improve its usability and search results. We have added four new filters that work as follows:

  • Check-in or Check-out: will display any reservation living within the time range selected.
  • Check-in: will display reservations that have a check-in during the selected period.
  • Check-out: will display reservations that have a check-out during the selected period.
  • Creation: will display reservations that were created during the selected time period.

Also, filters will not be reset once you logout from the Hostaway dashboard and will remain selected until you change them.


July 17th - Airbnb payout data now available in Hostaway

You can now view your Airbnb payout data in Hostaway. As soon as Airbnb sends you the payout, we will update the corresponding information in the Reservation page under the Airbnb tab. Also, this information is available in your Reservation CSV file downloads.

The data will be updated with the exact payout for any case: confirmed reservation, cancelled reservation after payment (according to cancellation policy), long term reservation (split payment) and for any reservation alteration.


July 10th - SOLVED: Issue with adding new Airbnb accounts

The issue has been solved on Airbnb side. The root cause of this issue was a change on the code from Airbnb to their authorization logic.

Airbnb has put in place a fix and you are now able to connect and import new Airbnb accounts.


Airbnb has added a new screen to the process which indicates that a new account has been created. This is not the case. No new account is created but the message is confusing. We have escalated this with Airbnb.


Please email support@hostaway.com if you continue experiencing issues or if you have any questions or feedback.

July 9th - Issue with adding new Airbnb accounts

We are aware that some of you cannot add new Airbnb accounts to the Airbnb Pro connection. We are working closely with Airbnb to find a solution.

Please note that the syncs, for all already connected Airbnb accounts, are up and running.

We will let you know once the issue has been fixed. Don’t hesitate to contact support@hostaway.com if you need further assistance.

June 25th - Bulk Re-assign Tasks

You have now enhanced flexibility to manage your cleaning & maintenance staff through Hostaway. We have added new functionality to our Task module that will allow you to select multiple tasks and re-assign them to any user or group. This action can be done with any status the task is on.

June 25th - Multiple listing & channel selection for Automations and Auto Invoices

You can now select multiple listings & channels for your Automations and multiple listings for Auto Invoices. Use this feature to optimize your messages and invoices by creating targeted template variations and apply them to specific listings, channels, or to a combination of listings & channels.

FIXED Airbnb PRO - Issue with Reservation Modification Notifications

The issue has been fixed and we don't expect any further non expected notifications for reservation modifications to be sent.

If you still encounter this issue please contact support@hostaway.com

Airbnb PRO - Reservation Modification Notifications

Airbnb has notified us of an issue with their Reservation API which is causing reservations to appear as modified although no actual modification has been done to them.

A consequence of this issue on Airbnb is that our system is alerting you of the modification and therefore you might have been receiving unexpected Hostaway notifications according to your notifications settings.

We have escalated this with Airbnb on your behalf and they are actively working on a fix. We will update you as soon as the fix is complete.

In the meantime, please contact support@hostaway.com with any questions or doubts you may have.

June 16th - Apply taxes to Cleaning Fee

To accommodate tax regulations we have now implemented the option to instruct the system to apply your Listings Property Rent Tax to the cleaning fee. If you charge a cleaning fee it is likely that you will have to apply local and industry-related taxes to it.

Navigate to Listings > Edit > Financial Settings and select the checkbox underneath the Property Rent Tax field. This set up will apply the tax to both your nightly base rate and to the cleaning fee. This setting works with our Booking Engine, Direct Reservations, and HomeAway API connections. Non-API connected channels, Airbnb and Booking.com will not have this setting applied to them, and instead, you must do it in the channel itself.