Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

May 4th - The Bar Graph for Financial Reporting is live!

For those of you that were missing the previous Revenue Management bar graph, here is a treat. The bar graph is now in Financial Reporting and comes with more functionality. You can select whether you want to use the line or bar graphs for all your formulas. You can also see data by channel or all channels combined. Enjoy!

PS. If you don't have our new Financial Reporting module on your account, make sure to contact our Support team to learn more about it.

April 23rd - New condition in messages Automations - send message depending on listing availability

This feature allows adding a new condition to message automation - listing availability. Using this condition, automated messages will be sent only if the listing is available for a given number of days before/after the stay. You can choose the number of days, and whether the condition is for the exact number of days, equal or more to that number, or between a range.

For example, you can choose to send a special offer to extend your guest's stay only if the listing is available at least 2 days before/after their reserved stay. This is useful to be able to upsell and make use of unbooked days between reservations.

April 23rd - Owner Stays are live!

Also known as owner blocks, owner stays are booked days when the owner of a listing or someone on their behalf is staying in the property.

Owner stays are not charged, so when creating an owner stay all the fields related to money are hidden. Also, no auto-invoices, auto-messages, or auto-charges will be created. Tasks will be created for owner stays. The owner stays appear in FR as such, to allow for keeping track of the owner’s use of the property. They are also filterable in the reservations module.

To add an owner stay, select the days in the calendar, press “add” → “owner stay”. The same can be done by adding a new reservation from the reservations module and changing the status to owner stay.

April 8th - Tasks now display information on task status updates in the Dashboard

To better track the completion of a task we now display timestamps related to the different statuses:

  1. created on - the task has been created but it is still in to do
  2. confirmed - the task has been accepted by a user
  3. started - the task is in progress
  4. completed - the task has been marked as completed

Whilst this info already exists in the Mobile App, it was missing from the Dashboard Tasks module. Now you will be able to know exactly who has taken the task and how long did it take to complete it.

March 31st - Booking Engine Custom Domain feature now supports naked and www domains.

The booking engine is now supported on both www and naked custom domains. This means that you can set up their booking engine to show up on both (for example) and Please contact our support team -, for more details.

March 24th - Customize your cancellation policies for the Booking Engine, WP plugin and Public API

You can now customize the default cancellation policy details under Listings >price & fees. by changing the policy's name and setting up 3 rules for each policy. Rules must not contradict each other and policy names should be unique. Each rule can apply a percentage or a flat fee amount, the deadline, and reference event (reservation confirmed or check-in).

The details of the Cancellation policy will appear on the Booking Engine and WordPress plugin, as well as they will be available through our Public API.

March 18th - NEW! Message Automations triggers will now allow you to use minutes/hours/days

Following the addition of more conditions to Message Automations, you can now set your Message Automations to be scheduled using minutes, hours, or days in order to help you send perfectly-timed messages.

March 15th - NEW! More conditions for Message Automations

We have added a couple of new conditions to Messages Automations that will help you improve the guest experience. Besides the current triggers and scheduling options, you can now add conditions for the number of guests and /or the number of nights. You can use them separately or at the same time.

This is particularly helpful if you need to send different messages depending on the number of guests or nights.

February 26th - Brand your guest emails, add Templates to your reviews, new Listings Amenities!

  • You can now brand your guest emails with your company name. Using this feature your guests will clearly identify your communications in their inboxes. Contact us at - - to learn how can you start branding your emails today!.

  • We have released a new feature for our Reviews model that will allow you to save review templates and use them when manually writing a review. As opposed to auto-reviews, these templates are not sent automatically, but rather are stored for quick usage when writing a manual review, saving you time. Check our user guide here to get you started.

  • Finally, we have teamed up with Airbnb, Vrbo, and to add guests most demanded Amenities to our Listings module. Adding these amenities to your listings will help your portfolio's performance in the channels. As a result, the amenities section under listings has been completely overhauled and now includes all of Airbnb’s amenities as well as hundreds of new ones from Vrbo and

February 22nd - Payment Fail / Success trigger for Message Automations

There are new event triggers for message automation - payment success and payment fail Using these triggers you can automatically notify the guest that something went wrong (or right) and prompt them to action.