Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

January 14th - Approve Booking Engine Inquiries from the Calendar




Guests can send you Inquiries through your Booking Engine and you are now able to approve them directly from the Calendar or Inbox. This will change the status of the reservation from "inquiry" to a confirmed reservation which then will block the calendar.

January 3rd - We now support Pet Fee for Vrbo!




We start 2022 with new releases! Following the addition of support for Pet Fee for Airbnb, we have just added support for Vrbo as well. Vrbo pet fees can be added under listings>price&fees. They apply per pet either per reservation or per night. All pet fees appear in FR under the same column - pet fees - regardless of the channel.

December 22nd - We now support Pet Fee and Short Stay Cleaning Fee for Airbnb!




Airbnb added these fees to the API earlier this month and we quickly implemented them on our side. Both of these fees are set under listing->price&fees. Short-term cleaning fee replaces the default cleaning fee in reservations of 1-2 nights. The pet fee is a flat fee applied per reservation.

December 22nd - The Reservation page now shows more financial info




We have added a new section to the Reservation page: Financial Fees and Formulas under the main reservation details and is visible to admin-level users only. It includes the relevant financial fields and formulas that apply to the reservation, allowing for a quick dive into the numbers per reservation. This brings the power and flexibility of Financial Reporting to the reservation page, where it is more easily accessible.

December 22nd - More flexibility for user permissions in Tasks




It is now possible to restrict how assignees and supervisors are shown in Tasks. We have added a checkbox under user management → groups which allow restricting users in a group from seeing users from other groups. Users that are not assigned to a group, or users with admin access can view all users and be seen by everyone.

December 22nd - Improvements to Reservation filter - now multiselect




In the Reservation module you can now choose more than one status in the filters.


December 22nd - RESOLVED [Mobile app issues due to update delay]


Mobile App


The issues reported for the Mobile App have now been resolved. Android and iPhone users have now available version 1.5.19 that provides all the fixes for the issues reported from the Play and App Stores. Please ensure you have the latest version on your phone.

If you need further assistance please contact us at

December 13th - NEW! Vrbo Custom Cancellation Policies are here




You can now set a cancellation fee and up to 3 rules based on a percentage of the total amount that will be refunded to the guest when canceling (minus the cancellation fee, which is never refunded). This is now available to Vrbo API connected customers under Listings > Channel Specific.

December 13th - Today's checkouts and checkins now visible in the Overview page




To assist you in your daily operations we added today’s check-ins and check-outs and renamed and removed other tables from the Overview page. Now you can see your daily traffic at a glance.

December 13th - Updates to User Permissions




We have been working hard for the past couple of weeks to provide you with your requested user permissions flexibility. Check below the new additions to our User Management tool:

  • Admins can now control which type of reservations a given user can see.
  • Owner Stays now have their own set of permissions and notifications.
  • Admins can now control further which financial data a given user has access to as we now have made formulas available for permissions settings.