October 11th - Mobile App improvement to Reservation checkin/checkout times

For those of you that manage listings in different timezones, we have added the listing timezone to the reservation detail page in the mobile app. You will now see your local(device) time and the listing time for check-in and check-out times. This change has also been applied to the dashboard.

image (1).pngtimezones 2019-10-09 121235.png

October 10th - Calendar now displays reservations in status "AwaitingPayment"

In both the single and the multi-calendar, users can now select filter "reservations" to also display reservations that are in "AwaitingPayment" status.


October 8th - Implementation of changes required to comply with Strong Customer Authentication regulations

On September 14, 2019, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) took effect in Europe. Under this regulation, European customer's card payments require additional authentication. Transactions that don't follow the new guidelines may be declined.

At Hostaway we adopted the necessary changes to accommodate SCA, but If you operate within the European Union or have European customers this new legislation still requires some updates and changes to your Stripe configuration and to your Hostaway Stripe settings. Below is what you need to do:

  • Modify the Failed Payments settings in Stripe.
  • Upgrade your Stripe Connection to Hostaway.
  • Enter your Stripe Publishable API key in your Hostaway Stripe settings.

We have put together a quick guide on how to implement those changes. Please see it here.

September 23rd - NEW! Auto Guest Payments feature is out

A long-awaited for feature is now live and ready for you to use! Auto Guest Payments allows you to create automate guest reservation charges. It also allows you to split guest charges for more flexibility.

Main feature points for Auto Guest Payments:

  1. Automatically create charges for any new reservation.
  2. Ability to charge 100% of the reservation at one of the following schedule triggers - Reservation, Check-in, and Check-out
  3. Ability to split a reservation payment in different charges to be triggered at one of the following schedule triggers: Reservation, Check-in, and Check-out.
  4. Ability to pause a charge at any time. If the pause charge is then "unpaused" it will be charged immediately.
  5. Ability to edit a charge at any time. Any modification will only affect NEW reservations.
  6. When a reservation is canceled, any pending charge will also be automatically canceled.

September 15th - NEW! Hostaway WordPress plugin now avaiable

The Hostaway WordPress plugin will help you sell your inventory through Wordpress by exporting selected listings and content into their Wordpress website template.

Main feature points for the Hostaway WordPress Plugin

  1. You will be able to choose which listings will be available in Wordpress from the Hostaway Dashboard
  2. In Wordpress, you will be able to set a price mark up over the base rate.
  3. In Wordpress,you will be able to modify the look and feel of the pages created by the plugin and accommodate it to the template used.
  4. Guests will be able to search for listings available in the Wordpress site.
  5. Guests will be able to book a property using the payment component provided in the plugin. The reservation will be shown in the Hostaway dashboard and reports.

September 9th - NEW! Tasks Module Design & added functionality

With the new design, we aim to remove some of the UX issues and complexities reported as well as to fix feature bugs. For our clients, the new design should provide better visualization of the task in every status. For the assignees (cleaners) changes are less obvious as they will be using the mobile app version of the Tasks module for which we haven't done any changes.

Main new features point New Tasks Redesign:

  1. Easier to use interface, in particular, a Trello-like board for better task status visibility. Clients can drag and drop a task through the different statuses and it will be updated immediately. Also, we have improved the task card design for better readability and task identification.
  2. Time Report - clients will be able to visualize the time it took to complete a task from start to end and visualize it by the assignee.


  3. By default all auto tasks will be "Smart Tasks": the scheduling of the task will update accordingly if any modification is done to the reservation dates.
  4. By default, all auto tasks will have "Cancel on reservation cancellation" ON

September 4th - Fix to Reservations Quick Filters

'Next week checkin' and 'Next week checkout' quick filters were not functioning, they were not filtering for the right content. Now, this has been corrected and the filter will only show the list of reservations that are relevant to the quick filter.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 12.03.29 PM.png

September 3rd - VAT number now is sent to Stripe

Previously we were passing VAT under metadata only, but that meant that on invoices created by stripe it did not appear. Now we are sending it as Billing information. With this improvement we expect stripe to include the VAT numbers in the invoice. This applies only see this on the new invoices.

August 8th - Airbnb PRO improvement for new clients

Airbnb PRO - import past reservations up to a year from the date of import into Hostaway. This is an improvement for new clients which would like to have the data for their business continuation once they move to Hostaway from another system.

August 1st - Booking Engine map fixes

  • fixed an issue with the property location map not displaying correctly.