Airbnb Maintenance

Airbnb has informed us of a maintenance downtime of their systems from 3rd March through 4th March 2020. This may cause some delays to your Airbnb connection through Hostaway. Please read below for more details:


Please contact with any questions or doubts

March 03rd - Standard fields in Reservation can now be searched and filtered

We have added search functionality and filter to the Standard fields used in the Reservations table to facilitate the visualization of your preferred fields. Select the fields you need to download in the CSV for your reporting needs, these will be automatically saved for you.


March 03rd - Airbnb PRO - Full Listings description import

For those of you using our Airbnb PRO connection, we will now be importing full listings description to Hostaway that is included in what Airbnb calls "the space" and will automatically populate the description fields of HomeAway and under Listings > Channel Specific in the Hostaway Dashboard. This will save you time having to otherwise manually add the descriptions in the fields.

February 20th - WordPress plugin- guest billing address added to payment module

To help you have full reservation information and avoid chargebacks we have upgraded our WordPress plugin payment form to include a checkout module that will ask the guest for a full Billing Address. This is also available in the checkout form of our Booking Engine and Direct Reservation modules.

February 10th - Export fees and availability for Airbnb PRO upgraded customers

Clients that are using our upgraded Airbnb connection - Airbnb PRO - are now able to set and export Other Standard Fees, Advance Lead time, Booking Window, Request to Book, Discounts. You can also List or Unlist your listings in Airbnb from the Channel Manager tab. Make sure you upgrade today to our Airbnb PRO connection for better performance and more options to manage your listings from one place.

For more info please join us on our next Airbnb upgrade webinar on 13th February. Just register on this link:

30th January - Minimum requirements for uploading pictures

When uploading images for your listings on Hostaway, please check that the pictures meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. You can upload pictures with a Minimum size of 2048 px by 1536 px.
  2. You can upload pictures in jpg. and png. formats. .gif, .tiff, .raw, .pdf, are not supported.

30th January - Cross Listings now supports iCals

  • We have added support to use reservation iCals with Cross Listings. This means that if you have Cross Listings relationship where one of the linked listings has iCal reservations, we now take these into account and block the listings that are linked to it. This works with the parent-child/child-parent relationship.

27th January - Apply AutoTasks to existing reservations

  • You can now create an AutoTask and apply it to existing reservations.

January 23rd - House Rules in the Booking Engine

  • We have swapped House rules and Description's position in the booking engine Before. House rules were shown before Description, which was causing some confusion for guests.

January 23rd - Worpress Payment Module

  • We have added guest billing details to the Wordpress plugin payment module. This enhances credit card transaction security and it will help you against possible chargebacks and fraud. This data is passed to Stripe and Braintree and it is used by their risk assessment teams.