January 10th - Update Airbnb PRO Advance Notice Time in Listings

For all of our Airbnb PRO users you are now able to set your desired Advance Lead time to booking from the Listings section.

The first dropdown called Airbnb advance notice allows to set advance notice for the same day, 1,2,3 and 7 days.


In case the same day is selected, you will be able to select how many hours you need prior to allowing a guest to book. The default value is midnight, which equals to not having advance notice. In case you set advance notice, we will also allow you to set your listing to enter a request to book. So for instance, if you set a 2 days advance notice but has "Allow request to book after lead time" as Yes, guests will be able to send you a request that you will late confirm or decline as appropriate.

January 10th - Pending & Unconfirmed Reservations timer now visible in Overview page

You can now see Pending & Unconfirmed (HomeAway only) reservations and the time you have left to approve or decline them from the Overview page.

Overview page.JPG

December 19th - NEW! Airbnb PRO, set Other Standard Fees from Hostaway

You can now set and manage Airbnb Other Standard Fees from Hostaway if you are using our Airbnb PRO connection from the Listing page in the Channel Specific tab: Those fees are:

  • Resort fee (flat or %)
  • Community fee (flat or %)
  • Management fee (flat or %)
  • Linen fee (only flat fee)


December 19th - NEW! Add your company logo to the Guest Portal

We have removed the Hostaway logo from the Guest Portal and included your existing logo for a better guest experience.

If you wish to update your logo or picture to show in the Guest Portal, just go to Account > Edit profile > Company logo and select Use company logo for guest portal. Click on Save and voilá!


December 11th - Airbnb PRO fix to List / Unlist properties from Hostaway

  • We have fixed an issue with the List / Unlist feature for Airbnb PRO. For all our Airbnb PRO customers, if you need to unlist or list a property in Airbnb you can do so from Channel Manager > Listing Mapping > Settings and just toggle the button ON/OFF and we will update your property status in Airbnb.

Airbnb PRO List.png

December 11th - NEW! We now allow setting Minimum Length Of Stay for up to 200 days!!

At Hostaway we understand that some regulations, property types or even your own business model demand different minimum Lengths of Stay. Therefore we have now made it possible for you to increase your minimum Lenght of Stay up to 200 days in the Hostaway Calendar. This will be exported to all the channels you are connected to *(Expedia users, please see note below!).


*Please be aware that Expedia has a limitation of 27 days for LoS. But, you need not worry because even if you set your LoS to be more than 27 days in the Hostaway Calendar for any given day, we will ensure that the correct number of days gets exported to Expedia.

December 10th - Improvement to Listings photos ordering update

  • Changing your listing photos order will now be faster. From now, you will be able to make all the changes you need prior to saving.

December 5th - Fixes to Messages

  • Fixed an issue that would cause unread messages to appear unread when opened.
  • Fixed an issue with messages appear in the wrong order. Now, messages will appear in the order they have been sent.

November 22nd - NEW! All users - Same day rate and availability changes now allowed in calendar

To allow for same-day inventory closing or last-minute promotions, you can now add same-day rate and availability updates to the Hostaway calendar, and these will be synced with the channels you are connected to.

This is now available for all Hostaway customers regardless of their time zone.

November 20th - Some general improvements and fixes

  1. Added a tooltip for due date in Invoices to explain Invoice Due Date.
  2. Guest Invoices will now show 2 decimals. There was some discrepancy regarding the decimals in invoices. Now it's standardized to be always rounded to 2 decimals.
  3. Listing time zone now gets updated after saving a new location. The listing timezone was not being updated when you changed the location of the listing.
  4. Standardization of error at input fields and red color adaptation throughout the dashboard