Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

October 10th - Improvements to Fees & Discounts, Coupons



  • Percentage fees & discounts can now be applied to the total price of a reservation
  • Users with Reservation create and/or modify permissions can apply coupons to reservations.

October 10th - Upload images your HTML messages




You can now upload images to your HTML formatted messages automations.

October 4th - More Vrbo amenities available in Listings




We have added "Fire pit" under the Outdoors category, and "Electric vehicle" under the Car category.

October 4th - Notifications for unassigned Tasks




Tasks management have now improved with a new set of notifications that you can set for your cleaners:

  1. When a user gets removed from a Task they will receive a notification.
  2. When a user gets removed from a Tasks and a new user gets assigned to the same Task, both users will be notified accordingly. The notification will include the information about the old assignee and the new one.

September 20th - Use HTML to style your message automations

Available for Direct channels, you can now create formatted emails that will include different font sizes & colors, bullet points, and other styling options, as well as being able to send clickable links. HTML formatting is also available when editing pre-generated messages and soon will come to the main Inbox.

September 20th - Channel Specific Formulas In Financial Reporting

You may need to calculate and report revenue to your owners differently depending on the channel and that's why we have added now the ability to create and filter channel-specific. This will allow you to create independent reports per channel and so have better visibility of your numbers.

September 14th - Auto generated doorcodes are here!

You have now the option to generate random door codes or use the last four digits of your guest's number and send them automatically to the guests before check in. This new feature is under Listings > Additional Info and can be used in combination with our Messages Automation system.

September 14th - Improvements to Owner Statements, Calendar, Guest Book & Auto Charges

The team has been busy in the last few days to bring you the following improvements based on your feedback. Check it out below!

In Owner Statements: we have removed duplicated columns from the report plus we renamed some columns for better identification.

In the Calendar (multi, single & yearly) Owner Stays are now shown in the calendar with the color blue for easy identification. Also, you can now edit past days' notes and even delete them if needed. This is also visible in the Inbox calendar.

We have improved the performance of the Guest Book to load faster.

We have added a way to identify if a Charge has been made manually and by who versus an automatic charge.

September 8th - Owner Statements are now available for all our clients!

Today we are releasing our Owner Statements Module to all our clients, which lets you or the owner download monthly PDF statements. Here are a few of the key benefits:

  • Individually customizable templates.
  • Add or remove fees or expenses to adjust the total.
  • Calculate both gross and net revenues.
  • Assign statements to owners, even with multiple properties.
  • Access them through the Owner Portal.
  • Download as PDF for easy filing and storage.

Check out this helpful user guide to learn more about this feature.

September 2nd - Search is now available for the Guest Book

Search functionality is now available for the Guest Book. You can now search by name, email, phone number and city.