Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

June 15th - Improvements to WP Plugin, Public API, new Inbox and Owner Statements

We have been busy bees this week! Check out below all the new improvements we have just rolled out.

  • Auto-charges now have tooltips that explain how they work with different channels Since each channel has different limitations regarding when to charge guests, we added tooltips that explain how these work. A tooltip for Expedia is coming soon.

  • In the WP plugin, when the refundable damage deposit is excluded from the total price, it shows as such If clients choose to exclude the damage deposit from the total price, it now shows separately in the WP plugin the same it does in the booking engine.

  • Clients now have access to reviews, user permissions and invoices, and charges via the public API These permissions are read-only, meaning that no changes can be made via the API.

  • Communication channel used in the new inbox will now be preselected based on last channel used

  • There are not that many, but you can see now readable errors for SMS or Whatsapp communication when something goes wrong.

  • You can now add your logo to the Owner Statement PDF! and switch from reservation details to listing details in the owner statement.