Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

January-Early February - Airbnb taxes mapping tool






AIRBNB TAXES MAPPING TOOL SUMMARY (launched during January and early february 2023)

Previous problems with Airbnb taxes:

Airbnb taxes were only partially reported in Hostaway and they needed to be accounted for using the Hostaway internal taxes, which could lead to incompatibility between the two values (Airbnb vs Hostaway Financial reporting) and requires setting up taxes before importing reservations. And in general, it's better to rely on the numbers that the channel sends


For 2023 we want to fix this and start relying on the specific taxes reported by Airbnb. All taxes will be stored as financial fields that can be used for reporting purposes. For that and to make it compatible with the rest of our system, we have launched a mapping tool that will list all the different specific taxes coming from this OTA to your reservations to map them to one of our standard taxes. We’ve created an accurate default mapping so that you can see where your taxes fall in the new logic. You can change it anytime if needed, and it will apply to all reservations falling in this new logic.

What does this mean?

During early 2023 we have been releasing the Airbnb taxes mapping tool. This process has now been completed and Airbnb reservations with check-in after the 1st of January 2023 will start relying on the data reported by Airbnb and we will stop calculating the taxes for this channel. This means that you will need to review and update the mapping to match your formula configuration. Most likely none or very small changes will be needed. We created an FAQ for this that will be shared with clients together with the above's explanations.

Summary of early 2023 updates