Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

February 26th - Brand your guest emails, add Templates to your reviews, new Listings Amenities!





  • You can now brand your guest emails with your company name. Using this feature your guests will clearly identify your communications in their inboxes. Contact us at - - to learn how can you start branding your emails today!.

  • We have released a new feature for our Reviews model that will allow you to save review templates and use them when manually writing a review. As opposed to auto-reviews, these templates are not sent automatically, but rather are stored for quick usage when writing a manual review, saving you time. Check our user guide here to get you started.

  • Finally, we have teamed up with Airbnb, Vrbo, and to add guests most demanded Amenities to our Listings module. Adding these amenities to your listings will help your portfolio's performance in the channels. As a result, the amenities section under listings has been completely overhauled and now includes all of Airbnb’s amenities as well as hundreds of new ones from Vrbo and