Hostaway updates
Hostaway updates

January - baseRate will be always net from now on






Improvement to's net Base Rate

Currently, the Base Rate corresponds to the price guests pay just for the accommodation. On top of this, taxes, fees, or damage deposits can be added. however, for some cases reports Base Rates that already include taxes or fees (it can be detected by checking reservation fees included in the hotel type). This can be problematic because there is no real way to have a standard base rate for reservations across all Hostaway users which makes using formulas and making calculations more complicated.


From the 1st of January 2023, we will start calculating the net Base Rate for reservations when we detect that the OTA is including some taxes or fees in it and we'll show these fees and taxes as part of the price breakdown.

What does this mean?

After the 1st of January, you may need to review how your current formulas are set and edit them or create new ones for 2023 based on your needs so they start considering taxes or fees that were before included in the Base Rate. The good news is that any reservation with check-in during or after the 1st of January 2023 will have a "net" Base Rate that means the same as it does for other channels. The total price will not be affected by this.

December 29 - Editing an auto-task allows you to apply the changes to all related tasks




This will make it easier to make changes in bulk (like changing the cleaner in an auto-task) to already-created tasks. Any changes to an auto-task can be applied to its related tasks.

December 29 - We added a price filter to the booking engine




This will allow guests to filter search results by the average nightly price. This filter is only available when dates are selected in the search results page.

December 22 - Now it is possible to create and add categories for expenses and extras




Expenses and extras will be gaining more importance in the upcoming months as a very relevant piece toward accounting capabilities.

We have now added the possibility of creating categories and assigning them to any expense or extra. This is done from inside an expense or extra.

These categories will not appear in owner statements' PDFs. Please note at this moment it is not possible to edit or delete them.

To bring you up to date, soon we'll have a new section to manage expenses and extras independently from owner statements, and owner statements will be auto-filled -mainly- by any expenses and extras based on listings and date criteria. They can be hidden if needed. Because of that, the expenses date field will be soon mandatory. In addition, any existing expenses and extras without a date will be auto-filled based on the check-in date of any assigned reservation, or if no reservation was involved, on the last date for that statement.

December 20 - Financial information can now be added to owner stays




After creating an owner stay, you can now add financial fields like cleaning fee so that it reflects in financial reports. These fields are not charged automatically.

December 20 - Unit IDs are now shown in tasks, calendar and in the app




This helps those of you who manage multi-unit listings to better understand to which unit each task is related.

December 20 - You can now create new Airbnb host accounts from the dashboard




This is done by pressing the “create new Airbnb account” button under channel manager > Airbnb and filling out the details. You will then receive an email from Airbnb to finalize the creation of the new account.

December 9 - Tasks in the calendar are now color coded




To help you understand the status of tasks at a glance, they are now color-coded in the calendar according to their status. The colors are the same as in the tasks screen. If there are multiple tasks in the same date with different statuses, all colors will appear proportionally to the number of tasks in each status.

December 9 - You can now set both Airbnb’s house rules and house manual from Hostaway




Until now we only supported house rules. We now support both.

December 2 - financial values for cancelled reservations are no longer 0




Until recently, when a reservation was cancelled, its financial fields turned to 0 in financial reporting. To allow for more accurate reports, this is no longer the case and cancelled reservations will keep the original values for financial fields.

You can adjust your formulas or create new ones that apply only to cancelled reservations.